I ♥ New York

I teamed up with Century 21, Caravan Stylist Studios and 31 other designers including Nanette Lepore, Walter Baker, and Shoshanna to reimagine the iconic "I  ♥ NY tee", an initiative to support Save the Garment Center, a non-profit organization that aims to preserve New York's Garment District and support factories, suppliers and designers through education and advocacy.

[ Christina Caradona wears PRIMARY'S one-of-a-kind "I ♥ New York" leather and python tee ~  on sale at Century 21 tonight at 5:30pm EST for $100! all proceeds benefit, The Save the Garment Center Foundation // worn with Primary's Lex skirt

  This was a fun project to reinterpret the classic, I ♥ NY tee, since at Primary my design aesthetic is basically, reinvented classics. Of course, my instinct was to elevate it to a luxe fashion piece, so I recut the body in leather, added a python heart and finished with a zipper up the back.  I loved the shiny texture of the lettering and trademark, so we kept that from the original tee.

>>> Come celebrate with us and check out all 32 designs tonight! <<<

About Save The Garment Center
STGC promotes fashion companies and brands who design and produce quality clothing in the Garment District and in New York City. There are 24,000 apparel manufacturing jobs in New York City that make this domestic clothing production possible, and STGC creates transparent access to all of these resources for the future designers of America. These resources enable new fashion entrepreneurs to start a business and a fashion line leading to the creation of American jobs. Whether you are an established or emerging designer, a consumer, a fashion junkie, or simply a concerned American citizen, we ask you to join us in supporting New York’s Garment Center. As a non-profit organization, we support factories, suppliers, and designers through education and advocacy. We are ambassadors to all programs that support and create awareness for our members. There is no other Garment Center in the world like ours. The Garment Center is the soul of Midtown Manhattan, and the backbone of the NYC fashion industry. www.savethegarmentcenter.org
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