Style Notes | Mija Knezevic

 Style Notes // Mija Knezevic // photographed by: Scott Brasher // Mija is wearing Primary metallic tweed+leather baxis pant [ silk+leather version ] // Primary fringe sweater [ bordeaux or black+white ] // Balenciaga cutout boots // Vintage Fur Coat // tri-stone pryate necklace // tibet silver necklace

There's nothing I love more than seeing how a cool, stylish girl wears Primary.  I create every collection with the idea of modern essentials, so of course, they're meant to be worn with your other favorite designer / high street pieces.  Mija has super cool style and is so bold with colors...the way she styled her look was amazing.  Completely different than how I would wear it, which i love.  And then Scott snapped this cute one of us... 

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