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I love seeing how women style my designs, it is unquestionably the most gratifying part of my job. There's nothing like a girl who can take a primary piece a truly make it her own [ the whole you-wear-the-dress VS the dress-wears-you mantra ]  Today I am featuring Kate; and old friend of mine from my hometown of Vancouver, Canada.  

We first met about a decade ago, during a modeling gig ( I guess the tall girls were unavailable?!? ) and I instantly liked her.  She's one of those cool-girls that's natural, kind, unpretentious and entirely comfortable in who-she-is and her sense of style has always reflected that.  Back then we called her Pony, a reference to her last name [ Horseman ], something so sweet and endearing, although I don't think anyone still calls her that! 

Anyways fast-forward a few years, after I had left Vancouver for New York, finished Design School at Parsons, and got my feet wet in the world of new york fashion design ~ and was launching PRIMARY. I wanted her to style the first collection, even thought she wasn't a stylist. I just innately knew she 'got' our aesthetic + essentials vibe.  It ended up not working out ~ due to scheduling issues but it's amazing for me to see that she did end up using her instinctive skill and translated that to her current fashion blog, and all aspects of her life [ including her gorgeous apartment pictured here, which is so her. ]   Also, very cool for me to see her rocking out in PRIMARY.  Thanks Kate!! See you this summer. 

XO Cleo 

STYLE NOTES [ repost // all images from Bullet with Butterfly Wings ] // [ Kate Horsman wearing: // Phoebe Price hat // PRIMARY oversize tee // Zara Blazer // Athena Atelier necklace // PRIMARY leather fringe skirt // Ash boots. ] 

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