In this hectic New York Fashion week that kicked off with FNO, shooting the eshop images, our new ss12 lookbook (tuesday!), and goes straight into Coterie, and buyer/press appointments I am truly more excited and passionate of the future of primary than ever. 

Have to admit this really has been the busiest time of my life, starting a new company where you really have to be all titles, all the time, Designer!Stylist!Pattern-maker!Marketer!Blogger!Sales team!PR!Tradeshow Rep!Accountant!Collection Agency! I've learned skills I never thought possible.

I believe we must always move in a forward motion, continually grow and evolve but seeing this photo today, a moment i captured at my first lookbook shoot, [w Melissa Gidney and Lauren Innes] when I packed the collection and took it to my hometown of Vancouver it made me look back. Just for a moment, of how calm and beautiful this day was. Followed by the realization of how far we've come.  

Thank you all for your support. 
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