Tokyo [inspiration]

Just landed in Tokyo, so much to do in 5 days! Thought the blog could use a mood change as well ~ what better than a great Vogue Nippon Editorial!?? 

I remember my best friend in High School bringing me back 'Street Style' Magazines from Tokyo, and being so thrilled with the collective energy and enthusiasm for fashion. I would pour over those pages for hours, imagining a city where people could lose all inhibitions and dress purely for opulence. And what a concept! Real people, Real Style! Now this was 10years ago, a time when studying personal fashion wasn't as easy as following your favorite bloggers jaunt around the world.  I fell in love with the city then, and its always just as thrilling to be back. 

"In a brown mood" Vogue Nippon June 2009, photographer: Camilla Akrans, Fashion Editor: Sissy Vian, and of course the beautiful Devon Aoki!  

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