Albert Watson is showing in Chelsea! Oct 21 to Dec 4. I missed the opening ~ and it has been on my to-see list ever since! You would think I could remember ~ we have this "monkey with a gun" print hanging in the Studio. Makes me smile everytime I walk in. 

Naomi Campbell
Mick Jagger

Check it out at Hasted Kraeutler WEBSITE

Albert Watson
A provocative testimony
Margot N., November 5, 2007
Albert Watson has made his mark as one of the world's most successlul fashion and commercial photographers during the last four decades, while creating his own art along the way. Over the years, his striking images have appeared on more than 250 covers of Vogue around the world and have been featured in countless other publications, from Rolling Stone to Time to Vibe many of the photographs iconic portraits of rock stars, rappers, actors and other celebrities. Albert was the official Royal Photographer for Prince Andrew's wedding to Sarah Ferguson.  Albert also has created the photography for hundreds of successful advertising campaigns for major corporations, such as the Gap, Lev├»s, Revlon and Chanel, and he has directed more than 600 TV commercials. All the while, Albert has spent much of his time working on personal projects, creating stunning images from his travels, from Marrakech to Las Vegas to the Orkneys. Much of this work, along with his well-known portraits and fashion photographs, has been featured in museum and gallery shows around the world.
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