Halloween Inspiration [Greek Goddess]

In spirit of making your Halloween costume fabulous ~ this week I will be posting some of my favorite costumes of halloweens past! The fact that it falls on a Sunday this year, only means that we're are going to need multiple options!! 

My friend Jessica(taking photo)and I were headed to a 'Roman' themed party. Since this was during my first year at Parsons ~ I was super excited to whip these dresses up! Jess thought of spray painting leaves gold for our hair, which was huge addition!! AS was my vast collection of crzy belts ;)

This was a special night, as it was the first week I met this (who-I-commonly-refer-to-on-this-blog-as) cutie. But many of you know him as the man behind ~ quite literally in this photo ;) PRIMARY.

Have a safe and happy Halloween. More costume inspiration to follow!

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