Long Live Liberace!

As the Glamourai mentions HERE we literally (ok, kinda) got dragged to the liberace Museum in the blistering Vegas Desert heat of 110. I wont show photos of the tragedy which makes the outside of this museum but what it holds is pure joy... 

Liberace is forever synonymous with the extravagance of Las Vegas being the highest paid entertainer thru the 1950's to 70's. And we will always remember his over-the-top showmanship that he integrated in his life, from the stage and beyond.

It was a ridiculous, opulent spectacle of mink capes, ostrich plumes, swarovski rings and every item teemed with sequin motifs! We couldn't help but to get in the Liberace spirit!

A total must see next time your thru Vegas!

Find it here ~ Keep the legacy alive

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